Frequently asked questions when working with a letting agent

Owning and letting a property involves a large amount of work. You can take away a lot of this stress though by calling on the letting agent Peterborough loves to use. Our thorough services are perfect for your needs and we would be happy to answer your questions.

What if I don’t have time to manage a property?

If you have other buildings and tenants to attend to, letting another property might seem like too much. This doesn’t have to be the case though when we are here to assist you. We complete work such as repairs and property inspections even if you cannot make it yourself. Our team are professional and they will keep your property safe and in great condition.

How do I know the tenant you’ve found is right for the property?

One job we do is selecting tenants. It is important to remember that a property is a valuable asset that also needs protecting. Not everyone searching for a property will be the right fit. This is the reason why all potential tenants go through a checking process.

If people have an interest, we will do a background check including checking evidence of finances or a guarantor. The important thing is that because we do this, landlords can have confidence in their tenant.

Why use a letting agent?

When working with us, you won’t have to sacrifice your time. All you need to do is allow us to make everything simple. We can value and market your property effectively. On top of this we help with paperwork, your annual gas check and much more.

You may be considering a single aspect of our work or many. Luckily we offer whatever you need in terms of support as well as advice. If you want any more details, don’t hesitate to give Property To Let a call. We can tell you more about our reputation as the highest quality letting agent Peterborough has to offer.