Selecting the best tenant for your property

We are a lettings company that believes in being honest and professional with its clients, whether it is a landlord or a tenant. Additionally, it is our opinion that you need the help of the best people if you want to be successful. We are the top estate agents Peterborough has because we can meet everyone’s requirements. Whatever you need, we are ready to work with you.

Estate agents PeterboroughOne of the ways in which we aid landlords is finding tenants for them. Both good and bad tenants exist. There is no perfect screening method for you to use. However, you can look at specific details so you have a better chance of finding the ideal person or people for the property. By following the tips below, you can work towards making the right choice.

Background check

An important part of this process is to carry out a criminal background check. This will reveal both minor and serious offences. Just remember that anyone holding a record might try to falsify these details. Therefore, you need to check a valid ID so you can ensure the person is who they claim to be.

Rental histories

Something else you should look at in addition to the criminal record is their rental history. If you are able to, communicate with two of the individual’s former landlords at least. The applicant could have been a problem tenant after all. If they are, their present landlord may want to get rid of them. This could lead to them being less than truthful. Ask the landlords what they were like as a tenant and why they did not renew the tenancy.

Signs of stability

Finally, choose a person with some stability. Have a look at the individual’s previous employment and address history. See if they switch jobs or move frequently. Those who move often are probably going to carry on doing so, leaving you with a vacancy once again in the near future. It may be better to choose someone who will be a long term tenant.

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