The truth about working with an estate agent

People often tell you all kinds of things about different topics and it can appear impossible to decide who to believe. The truth though is that people who talk in a negative way about estate agents have either had a bad experience with them or not dealt with one. We want everyone to understand why we are the estate agents Peterborough loves to use and what you need to know about our work.

“All estate agents are the same”

The services on offer can differ in big ways. For example, we provide a range of quality additional things for you to utilise. This includes our tenant check and property management work. There are also people out there providing different levels of quality in their work. This is why it is important for you to look at who you are working with.

“They just want anyone in the property”

With our work, we look into any prospective tenants. This includes a background check so that you can know that they would be a good fit for the property and can pay what they need to. If they cannot show evidence of their finances, a guarantor is necessary. This gives the landlord peace of mind for the future.

“Go with the cheapest people”

This is a terrible approach as you must consider their skills too. You may find an estate agent that is cheap but this does not mean that they provide quality services. At the same time there are people who will go with agents who value their property the highest. This is not necessarily a good idea as you need to price it at what it is worth. If not, you put yourself at the risk of not receiving any tenants. We can be accurate in our work and our affordable prices are an added bonus.

Investing in the services of the estate agents Peterborough loves is a smart choice for you and your property. Give Property To Let a call if you would like to know more.