Useful steps for renting out your property

We are a letting agent Peterborough landlords can count on. Our aim is to provide high quality services so that every landlord and their tenants can benefit. There are many things that you need to do if you decide to rent out your property. We will look at some of them here.

Are You Ready?

Renting involves a fair bit of work and there are finances that you must consider. Your insurance will more than likely change, so you should check and maybe even invest in landlord insurance. Check with your mortgage lender too as you might need permission from them to avoid breaking your contract.

Prepare Your Property

Along with deciding whether to let out your property furnished or unfurnished, you will have to do some jobs around the house. For starters you should remove items that you consider precious or fragile. You should then make sure that appliances are in working order and you carry out any repair work that you need to. Finally you should do a mini makeover so that it is presentable.

Find An Agent

Using a letting agent when renting out a property will save you from a lot of leg work and means that you can receive professional assistance. You can speak to them to see what services they offer such as advertising your property for you and drawing up an agreement. This is as well as dealing with the tenant on your behalf.

Find And Vet Prospective Tenants

You cannot make money if you have no one in your property. They need to be a good fit though, which is why you might want to meet and talk to them. On the other hand, you can allow your letting agent to do this on your behalf and check on their suitability.

Other Considerations

When you are going from a homeowner to landlord, you will gain a lot of responsibilities. This includes an obligation to do repairs and maintenance. You need to register with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme and must ensure upholstered furniture is fireproof. You will also have to fit smoke alarms and extractor fans where they are needed. This is as well as having an engineer on the Gas Safe register test your gas appliances.

You also need to be on call in case you receive word from a tenant regarding an emergency. If you would like we can assist through our property management services and attend to things like repair work for you.

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