What landlords need to know about GDPR

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GDPR Rules

It has been a while since GDPR was introduced to give people greater rights over privacy and personal data. However there are some people who still haven’t taken measures to meet these rules. Also, new landlords will need to understand how this affects them. This is important as it does impact how landlords and agents collect and hold the personal information of tenants.


It is important for you to understand what the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) means for you. As a landlord you have to carefully choose the data that you collect from tenants. This is as well as storing it securely, and being thorough when destroying information that you no longer need to hold.

You now have to gain explicit consent from the tenant to hold and use personal information. You have to be clear with tenants about what details you need, why you need them, who else will access them and why they need the information.

An example of using information is tenant referencing. This is something that we carry out to know whether people will be a good fit for the property as well as the landlord. It requires us to collect information from prospective tenants. We can explain what we need in addition to how we use it.

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