Expert advice for people looking to let their property quickly

For landlords, the most important thing on their to-do list will be to occupy their property with a paying tenant. You can achieve this when you contact the first class letting agent Peterborough is home to.

It is an unfortunate truth that properties sometimes take longer to let than others. But, there are some steps you can take to help your property let quickly.

Let light in

Natural light has a huge number of benefits including when it comes to prospective tenants. It is important to open up the curtains and blinds whenever people come to view the property. This way, they will see a nice and bright space. Make sure all lights are working in case people want to view in evenings.

Clean the property

You are probably thinking that this is obvious but it is one of the easiest ways to make, what can be, a huge impact. A clean and tidy property is much more appealing. An important part of this is clearing away clutter. A good tidying can make your space look bigger and allow tenants to be able to see themselves in living there.

Letting agent viewings

If you are using the services of a letting agent, allow them to handle viewings. Agents can often conduct a viewing even at short notice so give them a key so that you don’t miss out.

Deal with any maintenance

Unfinished maintenance work is incredibly off-putting for potential tenants. You need to fix any leaks, replace sealant, and screw handles back in place. While they might only be small jobs that take a few minutes, it will make a huge difference.


Something cheap and easy, yet highly effective, is touching up paintwork and refreshing the decor. You can make space look new and ensure it is more interesting.

Increase kerb appeal

Kerb appeal is important when you want to let your property, possibly even as important as the interior. Even when inside looks shiny and new, it won’t do any good if people are turned off by the outside. First impressions are everything to make the exterior of your property look as inviting as possible. Remove any rubbish and try giving the front door a new coat of paint or a clean.

Don’t forget that while you might want to let your property quickly, you also need to make sure it is for the highest rent. We can help with this through our professional services as the letting agent Peterborough landlords rely on. The care we take with our work will pay off, literally, so get in touch now.