Legislation and regulations for landlords

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The most important thing for a landlord is to be responsible. As a result, they can’t ignore the legislation and regulations that exist for them. These are designed to protect landlords as well as their tenants. We are going to go over some of the key ones so landlords know what they have to do.

Furnishing and furniture regulations

You could find yourself furnishing the building. If you are, you will need to guarantee that every piece adheres to the regulations. It is possible to gain advice on what furniture goods are compliant. Something else to remember is that all compliant furniture needs to display their safety labels in a notable position. This works to lower the risk of fires developing inside the property.

Tenancy Deposit Scheme

It is also important to remember the Tenancy Deposit Scheme. Letting agents and landlords must register with a tenant’s deposit scheme. They will have to do this with one that is approved. What this does is safeguard the tenant’s money. Additionally, it can assist you in overcoming any disputes once the tenancy comes to an end.

Income tax

Finally, there is income tax. Every landlord may be liable to pay tax when it comes to their rental incomes. This shall be the case regardless of whether they live overseas or in the UK.

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