Prepare the outside and inside

When it comes to estate agents Peterborough has no better employer than us. Our people work hard to match properties with the right residents. With more than 35 years of experience, we’re confident in our abilities to assist everyone. Start your journey towards finding a new home with our company.

Part of our job is aiding investors with their properties. Anyone who is a landlord shall know that letting out a home is time consuming and complicated. However, the rewards will be worth the effort if you do everything correctly. What we’re going to do here is discuss what landlords should do to prepare for letting.


The best place to start is with the exterior view. This is what potential tenants shall see first. Therefore, optimising the appearance is a good idea. See to it that every detail is in top condition. Repair blemishes, holes, cracks in the walls or damage to the driveway. Keep rubbish bins as well as their contents out of sight. Give the door and window frames a lick of paint if necessary too.

Take it indoors

Once you’re done with the external jobs, move on inside. You do need to meet the physical standards of the property. However, plenty of other things require your attention as well. This includes safety for furniture and gas. Multiple parties or families might end up occupying the building. This will establish a House in Multiple Occupation. In this event, you’ll have to follow additional regulations. You may even need a license.

If you put enough money, time, and energy into your efforts here, it’ll make all the difference.

At PTL Lettings, we’re always helpful and honest with our clients. Our tenant referencing service is a particularly useful tool for landlords. With it, they can find out whether a prospective tenant is appropriate. After all, tenants should look after the structure properly.

We strive to be the best estate agents Peterborough can offer. Whether people are looking to buy their own home or an asset to let out in the future, we can work with them. If there is anything we can do for you, please let us know.