What you need to know about letting agents

Renting is a huge part of the property world. With any industry, it is important to remain up to date on developments. This enables us to continue being the letting agent Peterborough can rely on. In addition, we work to help people understand our work and how we help.

A Helping Hand

Letting agents work with both tenants and landlords. If you are someone looking for a property to rent, we can help you find somewhere. For people who own the building, we can provide you with a tenant that we have checked out. Part of this is looking to see if they have a right to rent in the UK. In addition we can check on their financial situation.

A further thing we do is take care of property maintenance to make life easier for both parties. This is especially popular with landlords who have other things to handle such as managing a portfolio.

Dealing With Different Situations

If you are going to work with a letting agent, it is important to know how they handle various scenarios. For example, should you want to check on your tenant would you have to inspect the property or would they help with this? Another example is knowing that you are complying with relevant laws and regulations. We are more than happy to assist with these things.

We enjoy doing more than simply providing clients with services. You can talk to us about what it is that you need help with. This might be finding tenants and nothing else, or full management of your properties. Whatever help you need, we give you the peace of mind that you are looking for.

If you want to know more about working with a letting agent Peterborough landlords and tenants can count on us. Property To Let is the home of trustworthy services that we provide for affordable costs. We love supporting people through our expert work so call 01733 555183 to discuss your needs with us.