What aren’t letting agents responsible for?

PTL Lettings prefers to form long-term relationships with every client. Part of this involves us helping them find the most skilled letting agent Peterborough has. The longer the connections, the more both parties benefit. Our services are always first rate and we can also adapt to cater for any changes in needs.

People often ask what a letting agent is responsible for. However, they sometimes neglect to think about the opposite. This is a vital question and you shouldn’t get caught up in what they do and but miss out on what they don’t. After all, too many misconceptions about agents and their responsibilities exist today. To prevent problems and ensure client happiness, we’re going to provide more information.

Legal charges

They aren’t responsible for the landlord’s legal charges. Of course, every decent agent advises and guides their customer accordingly. This is to confirm that they’re legally compliant. Nonetheless, there can be shortcomings. When there are, the law will see the landlord as the responsible party. The best a letting agent can do here is make certain the landlords have ticked all the legal boxes.

Is there a problem with a tenant?

Something else letting agents aren’t responsible for are problem tenants. It’s the same for rent arrears. Agents should go out of their way to locate respectful and decent tenants. These are the individuals who keep everything tidy and also pay their rent on time. However, if the tenant decides to do the opposite, the agents won’t be responsible.

As we said earlier, letting agents do offer guidance. It’s a general responsibility. This could be tips about tenancy agreements or the ideal practices. They can bestow you with standard tenancy knowledge as well.

At PTL Lettings, we provide an array of services for landlords and tenants. This includes our regular inspections and inventory checks. Something special we have for landlords is a dedicated portal. Here, you can find all the latest information on your rented property. This is a useful service and makes us stand out as the letting agent Peterborough clients rely on to go above and beyond for our clients.

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